The world's first exchange SAAS cloud

What does Liu Jiaoyun “transaction cloud factory” do?

Develop digital Coin security, FCoin type currency exchanges for clients

Super SAAS Cloud Architecture for "Transaction Cloud Factory",10BTC will provide full terminal coverage for WEB, WAP and APP for customer development and construction of exchanges.Support more than 10 national languages, 500,000 super-Match engines per second.

Transaction Cloud Factory supports the issuance of platform coins,Support transaction mining; support OTC\C2C; support project crowdfunding platform; support voting on the currency; support invitation to register for rebates.

1、What does Liu Jiaoyun "transaction cloud factory" do?
Develop exchanges for clients, such as: digital currency exchanges such as fire coins, currency security, and FCoin.
2、Do you support the issuance of platform coins?
stand by.
Does it support FCOIN's trading mining model?
stand by.
Does it support the currency exchange model of the currency security and OKEX?
Support and create your own alliance.
Support APP?
Support IOS, Android APP.
can you own the currency?
Yes, your platform's currency rights are yours.
Is the domain name using mine?
Yes, use your domain name.
Does the exchange support secondary development?
Support, front-end websites, mobile phones, and apps are customized by customers. You can add features yourself.
Do you support voting on the currency and the GEM to recharge the currency?
stand by.

Transaction Cloud Factory blockchain SAAS cloud products

   All products of the trading cloud factory cover the PC\mobile terminal. Products are currency exchanges; transactions are mining exchanges; crowdfunding platforms and independent crowdfunding systems; OTC platforms; C2C platforms;foreign currency transactions.

Main function module

A distributed private cloud server cluster that is deployed to host millions of users.

  • User permission module:

    Registration, login, rights management, real-name authentication system, Google dual authentication, email verification.
  • Asset Management Module:

    Recharge, cash withdrawal, commission order; wallet service system, secure queue system, asset image.
  • Matching transaction module:

    Memory level matching, asynchronous mechanism, MQ message push, multi-way cluster, parallel expansion.
  • K line module:

    The professional K-line system perfectly covers WEB\WAP\APP.
  • Wallet service module:

    Wallets use hot and cold separation, 95% of assets are stored in cold wallets; hot wallet recharge and withdrawal, wallet separation, physical network isolation, and 8-layer network security traps.
  • Activity Benefits Module:

    Set conditions and time, rules, and send candy to eligible members.
  • Platform currency module:

    Support the issuance of platform coins and support platform currency deduction fees.
  • Trading mining module:

    Support for trading mining similar to FCOIN, the relevant parameters can be customized.
  • Member promotion module:

    Support level 2 member invitation to promote rebate model.
  • Multi-language module:

    Currently supports more than 10 national languages such as English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Spanish.
  • Forked coins:

    Set the analysis currency information, generate a snapshot of the user's assets according to the rules in the specified conditions, and deliver them.
  • Exchange platform API:

    Non-small,, MYTOKEN, Bitkan, ALCOIN.
  • APP module:

    IOS, Android smooth operation, beautiful interface, powerful APP system.
  • Content Management Module:

    News, announcements, support for multi-language automatic translation to generate articles.
  • AI robot module:

    It has automatic market making function, deep sharing, external network depth mapping, and asset security monitoring.
  • Voting & top-up on the currency:

    Support platform currency voting on the coin module; support recharge competition in the currency.

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